What is a Belair smoke pump?
The Belair smoke pump is a tobacco smoking device designed to maximize the tobacco product to its fullest with the use of forced air with no loss of air within the pipe.

What age do I have to be to use the smoke pump?
Based on the tobacco product you are using and based on the State you live in and the State you are utilizing the pipe and tobacco product in, you must be of legal age set fourth by the State to purchase and utilize this or any other smoking product or smoking device.

How many variations of pipes can I make with my pipe?
Without purchasing any accessories from Belair, the original Belair smoke pipe has over 20 variations. 

What makes the Belair smoke pump unique?
Unlike any other smoking pipe the Belair smoking pipe has many different variations, made of solid brass, utilizes forced natural air, is waterproof, portable, unique in its design, expandable to more then 1 user at a time. Check out all the benefits of our smoke pump and all our other products online.

Do I have to use the screens?
Yes. Each pipe must have a screen in its bowl. We use silver screens for better, longer and hotter burn time.

Do I have to clean my pipe?
Yes, see our online videos for proper care and maintenance of your pipe.

What's the best way to store my smoke pump?
Indoors at any temperature and in the case/pouch in which you received the pipe in or any non humid setting.

Can I take my smoke pump and on an airplane?
Check with your airline carrier. Always remember that if you are traveling and the pipe was previously used, you may have tobacco residue in the pipe, hoses or mask. The brass may also set off a warning at check in.

How long do the 2 Double AA pump batteries last?
Normally around 20 hours.

Will the pump work with one battery?

Can I charge the battery?
No, not the batteries you received with your order; however you can purchase rechargeable batteries and use them in the pump.

How much tobacco can the chamber hold?
The large chamber will hold about 1 gram, both chambers can hold 2 grams. You can also purchase from Belair bowl expanders if you want to hold more tobacco.

How long will a chamber burn?
Depending on the moisture level of the tobacco and how it's packed into the bowl(s), a full chamber can burn for roughly 2 to 3 minutes.

Can the smoke pipe get hot?
Yes. Depending on the length of time you use your pipe it can get hot. Please use the pipe handle and finger tips included with your package.

Do I have to use the handle?

Do I have to use the rubber finger tips?

Can I return my smoke pipe?
See our Warranty and Returns Policy.

Are the washers necessary?
Yes. A washer must be installed at every threaded part.

Can I clean my hoses and mask?
Yes. You can soak them in a white vinegar and water solution.

Can I have my pipe engraved?
Yes. View engraving options on our site or you can contact us for at info@belairny.com.
Warning: 3rd party engraving will void your warranty.

Where can I find User Manual for Belair pumps?
It is included with every smoking pipe. You can also download it here.

Can I find smoke pump videos online?
Yes, at belairny.com and our official YouTube channel.